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Langesø fair 2019

Langesø Fair 15. August 2019 - 9.00 - 17.00

The first real Langesø-Fair was held in 1992, and soon it appeared that the need for an annual “Christmas tree-growers day” was so pronounced, that the Fair has been held yearly every third Thursday of August, from nine in the morning till five in the afternoon.
Every year, more than 3000 professionals (growers and dealers) visit the Fair, of whom one fifth comes from foreign countries.

The Fair is build up round the exhibition grounds, where suppliers and customers of the production have more than 125 stands. Here you also find the luncheonette “Sequoialunden” (“Sequoia Grove”) and toilet facilities.

In front of the park, you will find the information building “Den Gamle Smedie” (“The Old Smithy”) and the dining place “Cafe Langesø”.
These buildings wreathe the “emporium” where sales of Christmas trees/ Decorative greenery and fittings belong, fittings like ornaments and stands for Christmas trees.
The Danish Growers Association has their stands in the center of the “emporium”.
The Research Centre of Forest and Landscape partly contributes with an information stand in the park, partly by showing experiments and trials placed on Langesø area.

In the park, Forestry Contractor Organization holds the Danish Mastership in tractor handling. The tractor drivers compete in different disciplines.  At the entrance, you can buy a catalogue in which the exhibitors have one page each to their disposal. This catalogue (the contact catalogue of the trade) is accept as ticket for the exhibition as well as for the R&D lectures.

The price is (VAT included) € 21 per visitor.

Regarding receipts, dining tickets which includes a hot meal and drinks, are sold at the information building  “Den gamle Smedie” (The Old Smithy) at € 21.

The exhibitor fee is 825 € (+VAT) covering:

ü  1 open-air stand of 10x10 meters

ü  catalogues and lunch for 2 persons

ü  1advertising page in the catalogue. Preparation of the advertising page is not included. Extra pages can be bought at a price of € 95 a page (+VAT)

ü  Ticket of admission for invited visitors at discount price.

ü  Inclusion of the exhibitors with firm name and telephone number on the fair pages on this webpage.


Thousands of interested people see the pages during the year.

In the same period, the exhibitor can have a link from here to his own page. We offer this service at a price of € 68 + VAT.
Exhibitors who are comfortable with a stand have the possibility of regaining their stand until 1. May. After this date, we offer new exhibitors or exhibitors who would like to move to another stand, the non-reserved stands.


Langesø Godskontor


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